Guidance on some commonly asked questions.

Who is leading this project?
The Threatened Treasures Project has emerged from the children’s literature community. It is the brain child of and is being coordinated by Mandy Langlois who is a trained primary and special education teacher, with particular interest and expertise in early literacy, music education, the arts, equity and child welfare. She has 25 years teaching experience, has worked as a children’s entertainer and is now working on her first picture book as both author and illustrator, to be published by Little Pink Dog Books. A huge team of individual volunteers are generously donating their time and skills to bring this project to fruition. The team includes scientists, web designers, editors, administrators, researchers, writer, illustrators, publishers, academics and others. We are so grateful to have such wonderful people on board.

How do I submit my work?

General submissions are now closed. Invited authors (only) may continue to submit their poems. Please follow the submission guidelines available here.

What are the submission deadlines?

General submissions have now closed. If you are an invited author, you may still submit your work using the details outlined on the submissions page.

What can I write about?

We have an approved list of species and guidelines to help guide your work; please ensure you follow these, available from our submissions page.

How will I know if another poet has picked the species I want to write about?

You may also wish to indicate your interest, or check how many other poets are interested in any of the approved subjects/species here (mark your interest by placing an X in the “Amount of Interest” column. Interest from multiple poets is acceptable, however popular species may result in increased competition for inclusion in the anthology.

Can I contribute skills other than writing or illustrating?
Yes, and we’re interest in hearing from you. Please use the form below let us know  your what skills you wish to contribute to the project. We’ll connect with you to understand how we can work together.

Does the Anthology have a publisher?
We are currently seeking a traditional publisher and will post updates as they arise.

What are the hopes for the anthology in it’s published form?

Whilst the project is in its infancy, numerous established authors and leaders in the publishing industry have shown enthusiasm for the principles and goals upon which the project is based, these are:

* to create a unique anthology of inspiring poems which engenders wonder and curiosity in relation to a selection of Australia’s threatened natural treasures of flora, fauna and ecological communities;

* to create an anthology which engenders hope in it’s audience by ensuring that all species and ecological communities represented in the anthology have strong conservation work associated with their survival;

* to create an anthology which engenders hope in it’s audience by ensuring that all poems included focus on the wonder of the species and ecological community. The book will not include poems or information that speak about the threats to the flora, fauna and ecosystems;

* to create a stunning anthology with full colour illustrations, for readers aged between 6 and 14;
* to create an anthology which honours, records and celebrates our threatened natural heritage;

* to create an anthology that celebrates and promotes the immeasurable value of Indigenous knowledge and the stewardship of Country encompassing practices that reach back through 60 thousand years of Australian history;

* to create an informative anthology which introduces interesting scientific facts, in relation to  each species and communities represented in the poems;

* to create an influential anthology which will live on in the imaginations of its readers, evoking a love for Country and a determination to care for it, within a context of hope.

Who is contributing to the anthology?

Aspiring, emerging and established authors, poets and song writers are being encouraged to submit poems for consideration in the anthology. Many submissions will be received from members of the children’s literature community, however it is hoped that eco-poets and poets/authors who more commonly write for adult audiences, will also consider submitting. Submissions from the Indigenous community are particularly welcome as the project is fundamentally about Country and we want to honour First Nation peoples knowledge of and relationship with Country in the anthology.

Can children contribute to the anthology?

No, unfortunately not. Because of the complex legalities involved in accepting submissions from minors, the publication will only include works created by adults.

Can I submit if I do not live in Australia?


Will Poets retain copyright of their work?
Yes, all poets will retain copyright to their poems, the project is just seeking permission to publish in the anthology.

If my poem has been published elsewhere, may I still submit it for consideration, for inclusion in this anthology?

 Yes. When you fill out your submission form, be sure to fill out the section that asks if your poem has been published elsewhere, also include details of the former publication and contact details for your previous publisher.

Who will receive royalties from the anthology?
All royalties will be donated to organisations committed to ecological conservation and/or the preservation of indigenous knowledge. The website will provide details of these organisations once they become available.

Where will the book be printed?
This decision will be made by the publisher who takes up this work.

Are the creators of the anthology affiliated with any political party or commercial entity?

Will my poem be edited?

Once poems have been selected for potential inclusion in the anthology, an editing process will ensue.

If substantive edits are necessary, eg word choice/ adjustments to pace or flow, you will be contacted and consulted. There may be a little to-ing and fro-ing between yourself and the editor at this stage. Whilst we are hoping to avoid selecting poems that require such work, purely from the perspective of limiting administration, it may become necessary. Also, it may be that a portion of your poem is selected for the anthology, and not the poem in its entirety. During the editing process, we will seek to respect the poet’s voice.

By submitting your poem/s for consideration in the anthology you are agreeing to engage in the editorial process, including copy edits deemed necessary for poem and biography ie; an editor will check punctuation, spelling and grammar against ‘The Editor’s Style Guide and Word List.’ This will ensure consistency throughout the anthology.

Finally proofreading will take place to pick up errors that have crept into the anthology during compilation.

Each of these editing stages will have deadlines. If your poem is selected for publication and when your input is required, you will be informed of these deadlines. We would appreciate you complying with these as we will be working with many poets to finalise the pitch.