INVITED AUTHORS – submissions open. please follow guidelines below.

Poetry submissions are now closed to all but invited authors. Submissions will be accepted electronically only. Please check that all requirements have been met prior to submitting. In addition to our submission guidelines, please reference our list of threatened treasures and research your subject matter. For editorial and fact-checking, we ask that you please retain a list of any research sources used.


Whilst everyone is concerned about the reasons for the extinction crisis that Australia faces, ie; drought, water mismanagement, climate change, feral animals, warming sea temperatures, fires, land clearing, over development, floods, cyclones etc. We will not accept any poems that speak about these issues. The theme of the anthology is ‘HOPE.’

The following criterion will be applied when considering submissions for selection. Please use the following questions to guide your approach to researching and writing your poem.

Questions that will be asked in assessing poems for potential publication include:
1) Does the poem inspire wonder, curiosity and/or hope?
2) Does the poem record something essential to the nature of the species or place being written about?
3) Does the poem honour and or celebrate the species or place being written about?
4) Does the poem evoke love and empathy for the species or place being written about?

5) Is the poem appropriate for children between the ages of 6 to 14? There will clearly be a range of capabilities of comprehension within this age group and we hope the anthology will cover a range of suitable levels.
6) Is the poem within the line limit, maximum 30 lines, included line spaces between verses, or separating individual lines.

7) Other considerations will include: word choice, rhythm, metre (if rhyming), consistency of voice, point of view, perspective (eg; first person), imagery, symbols, motifs, pace, flow

8) The aspects of the poem described in point 6, will be examined in relation to the subject of the poem. eg A poem about a scurrying, small mouse, ought not use laborious words and have a slow pace.


You may also wish to indicate your interest, or check how many other poets are interested in any of the approved subjects/species here (mark your interest by placing an X in the “Amount of Interest” column. Interest from multiple poets is acceptable, however popular species may result in increased competition for inclusion in the anthology.

We’ve included an example submission below, to help you prepare your submission.

Illustrative submissions are not open. We are waiting to receive advice from potential publishers prior to seeking illustrative submissions. If you would like to register your interest, please enter your details below. We’ll be in touch when we have more information. Thank you for your interest and for caring about nature!

Threatened treasures timeline

  • 10 FEB, 2020

    Poetry submission requirements available and submissions Open

  • 10 April, 2020

    General poetry submissions close. Invited authors may continue to submit work.

  • 2021-2022

    Establish partnerships and seek publication opportunities.